Because together, we can achieve more.

Sjoerd Berghuis

Architect at Klunder architecten

Blauwhoed is no traditional development company. It is a development company with a vision. A bold vision. A vision on how to develop new types of residential homes. Blauwhoed is not afraid to take chances, to create unusual projects. Even in times of crisis. When no one has the guts to do it, Blauwhoed does. In the 25 years that I have worked with Blauwhoed, they always pushed me to do better. They made me achieve even more than I thought possible. They truly give you the opportunity to create extraordinary living concepts. Ranging from bungalows, back-to-backs and rooflight residences to large-scale projects such as Park Rozendaal in Leusden. Blauwhoed develops projects that are slightly different from projects of conventional development companies.

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Jos Melchers

Municipality of Rotterdam

Blauwhoed is a typical Rotterdam development company. A company that combines local knowledge with that typical Rotterdam boldness. They are used to working together with other market participants and municipalities. Cooperation is just part of their DNA. Furthermore, Blauwhoed has a powerful communication strategy. The willingness to communicate is supported by all levels of the organisation. You can always find someone to talk to. Colleagues encourage each other to be open. A great basis for cooperation.

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André Schoon

Alderman Brielle

Blauwhoed is committed. Committed to cooperation. And to completing projects in a high-quality and timely fashion. They maintain accurate documentation of a project. And during implementation, the project is continuously monitored. The lines of communication are always short and Blauwhoed does take the time to visit the project in between. It is truly a reliable partner. In addition, Blauwhoed is an innovative company. They continually come up with new ideas. They don’t choose to implement the standard solutions, but implement new innovative living concepts in their projects. They listen to the (future) residents and take decisions based on their preferences and needs. Blauwhoed is a professional organisation that puts the wellbeing of the residents first.

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Ellen Nieuweboer

Municipality of Amsterdam

Blauwhoed is known for its pleasant way of cooperating and working. They are open in their way of communication and the lines are short. All topics can be addressed, even if we disagree. Blauwhoed is always open for discussion. Making them a company that is easy to work with. All projects are efficiently organised. Resulting for example in the development of a large-scale project at a very unpopular location in Amsterdam. A project developed in an excellent cooperation between municipality, investor and developer. And in an, by Amsterdam standards, incredibly short amount of time.

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Fahid Minhas

Alderman Schiedam

In the capacity of alderman, it is important to create support for new residential areas. It is therefore key to be transparent to all parties involved. Blauwhoed knows its business. By means of co-creation, they involve neighbouring residents and interested parties already during the initial phase of a project. All parties together look at the best way to implement a new residential project in the environment. That is how you create support from buyers and neighbouring residents. By using this way of working, Blauwhoed ensured that there was a queue of seniors, normally not inclined to move quickly, who were interested in buying a residence in the Senior Smart Living project ParkEntree in Schiedam. It also resulted in an improvement of the quality of district.

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Nina Aalbers

Architect at Architectuur Maken

Blauwhoed is good at thinking in terms of living experience. Working with Blauwhoed truly means high-level cooperation. They really want to do good by the future residents of their projects. Blauwhoed always has the guts to develop new, different types of residences. And that pays off. You really feel that everyone at Blauwhoed is enthusiastic about developing beautiful projects. There truly is a positive vibe, resulting in a positive process. And that is when the real fun begins. When architects are encouraged to deliver their best work.

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Nicole Maarsen

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate

Blauwhoed creates powerful and distinctive concepts, which are translated into innovative and creative development projects. We, as investors, are inspired by parties like Blauwhoed. They provide us with a different perspective on project development. Apart from the conventional real-estate side. And show us how to think in living concepts. For example, in the area of healthcare and communities. Blauwhoed truly puts its mind to a design and creates a concept that meets the needs of the parties involved. Something we as investors, and other developers, can only benefit from.

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Mark Kuijpers

Managing Director Greystar Netherlands

Blauwhoed is an inventive, trustworthy and human company that is focused on cooperation. You never feel the difference between the investor and the developer when cooperating with Blauwhoed. You feel like true partners that jointly try to develop the best possible product. Furthermore, Blauwhoed doesn’t walk away when difficulties are encountered. They come up with solutions to fix the problem. A prove of their inventiveness. You can truly count on Blauwhoed.

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Pim van der Ven

Juli Ontwerp

“In order to make cities better places to live and to ensure that they remain liveable, you must incorporate the wellbeing of people into your design. Otherwise you create cities that are financially and technically viable. However, they are not providing an attractive living environment. Blauwhoed is a development company that, jointly with other professionals, focuses on smartly incorporating the wellbeing of people into their designs. Everyone at Blauwhoed has an open mindset when looking at cities and they are often the first to think outside the box. They are more likely to say yes, are open to great ideas and use modern tools. That is why it is fun to work with Blauwhoed. And fun it has been for more than twenty years.” 

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Alex Sievers

Founder Beyond Now

Blauwhoed always has eye for the needs of society. For the possibilities. And the opportunities. They are very responsive to what is going on in society. Blauwhoed always has an optimistic vision of the world and a positive way of working. That optimism and the positivity make them a pleasant partner to work with. They always listen to what residents have to say in respect of development projects. Unfortunately, co-creation is not standardly used yet. However, at Blauwhoed it is an integral part of the process. That is why I like to work with Blauwhoed.

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